Imagine Living Free Of Disease And Pain!

Do you want to prevent degenerative disease so you can age gracefully, live a long time, and stay out of the hospital? By staying healthy you will prevent cancer, prevent heart disease, and prevent stroke. You will also deter a host of chronic conditions, including allergies, arthritis, constipation, diabetes, fibromyalgia, osteoporosis, and receding gums.

Reap These Benefits By Avoiding Long-term Illness:

  • You remain free of pain and full of vitality.
  • You visit your doctor as little as possible.
  • You eliminate costly prescriptions and drug side effects.
  • You steer clear of the hospital and nursing home.

Confused About Health?

You can be healthy and stay healthy once you cut through the confusion about diet and nutrition. Like most folks you must have noted the explosion of “scientific” information on health. The media bombard us with the results of all the latest studies, but the research remains contradictory. One nutritional “expert” says one thing; another says just the opposite.

Over the last 35 years, university-trained “experts” have failed to eliminate the chronic diseases of our time. The incidence of arthritis, cervical cancer or chlamydia, diabetes, heart disease, osteoporosis and stroke continues upward.

Does Your Doctor Know Best?

According to the Journal of the American Medical Association, the physicians we trust with our health die at an average age of 58. Can they truly know what’s best for you?

Doctors and medical specialists offer treatment options to patients rather than dealing with the underlying causes of poor health. Why? They know very little about where health comes from. They are trained to focus on what’s wrong with us, then provide treatment for it. That’s where the money is.

Wouldn’t it make more sense for you to take charge of your health and examine the nutritional habits of real people who developed immunity to disease, and discover what made them strong?

You can do this by reading Minerals: The Essential Link to Health.

This Valuable Book Will Show You:

  • How 70+ minerals act interdependently to determine optimum health.
  • How the minerals in your food depend upon the mineral content of the soil where the food was grown.
  • How the mineral content of the soil determines the vitamin content of the vegetables, fruits, and grains you eat.
  • What whole foods have the greatest diversity and amount of minerals.
  • Why the ‘Science Trap’ can harm your health.

How Will You Stay Healthy And Age Gracefully?

Most people say their biggest fear is a long, slow, painful illness. If you’re like them, the prospect of spending your golden years with loss of mobility and riding a doctor-directed merry-go-round of prescription drugs and their side effects has no appeal.

Prevention Beats Treatment

Perhaps like me, you want to prevent cancer and don’t give a rat’s behind about newer and better treatments for it. The same goes for heart disease. I have children and want them to learn health practices that prevent cancer, heart disease, arthritis and osteoporosis at the front end, so they can avoid treatment at the back end.

What If You Already Have A Chronic Disease?

Minor aches and pains, anxiety, sleeplessness, swollen gums,and manifestations of degenerative disease are clues about problems brewing below the surface. These symptoms are NOT a sign we are deficient in aspirin, antacids, sedatives, or other drugs.

Degenerative processes and pain can be stopped by supplementation of minerals and a few other dietary changes. You can even stop the pain of advanced arthritis and halt its progressive degeneration.

Discover what protects your health and what does not. Next, practice self-responsibility and you can reverse chronic disease.

Your Key To Health And Longevity: A Diet Rich In Minerals

You don’t have to follow the “experts” over their cliff. You can make far wiser decisions by looking at people who don’t get sick or die painfully.

Healthy people such as the Vilcabambans in Ecuador and Abkhazians in the Russian Caucasus, remain free of disease because they eat food and drink water that contains a team of over 70 minerals. Surprisingly, many of these people both drink and smoke.

What If You Had The Vitality Of A Teenager?

You’d be just like the “Healthy Ones” studied by renowned researcher Weston A. Price. In places like Peru, Switzerland, Africa, Polynesia, and the Outer Hebrides, Dr. Price found 12 remote groups that displayed the same immunity to cancer, arthritis, diabetes and heart disease as did the Vilcabambans and Abkhazians.

His research, done in the late 1930’s and 40’s, revealed their food contained four times the minerals found in the American diet, and seven times that of today. The nutrient density of the American diet continues to decline, while at the same time the incidence of chronic degenerative disease spirals upward. You think there is a connection?

The False Assumption Of Medical Research

Leading medical researchers and scientists assume genes determine exceptional health and longevity. This is a false assumption. Just because you had a parent who died of cancer or heart disease, does not mean you will follow their path

We are not hermetically sealed machines exclusively controlled by our genetics. We are the living product of a four million-year partnership with nature that requires us to take in nutrients from the exterior environment to regulate our interior environment.

Metabolic Enzymes Determine Your Health

Over 2000 metabolic enzymes regulate our interior environment, and they all must have minerals! Each metabolic enzyme not only contains minerals, but requires a mineral activator. The ample supply of minerals found in the soil, food and water of the “Healthy Ones” sets them up for lifelong health and vitality.

These people remain free of disease because they have no mineral imbalance or mineral deficiency—totally different from here in America where our soils are depleted of minerals, and our food and water are deficient in minerals