Bear Bile: Your New Medical Hope For Stroke

Did you know medical researchers at the University of Minnesota have found that bile acid from black bear gallbladders can reduce brain damage by more than 50 percent in stroke-impaired laboratory rats?

This provocative news provides an excellent example of the ridiculous assumptions built into medical science. But, it will open the door to a terrific investment opportunity: Bear Farming.

First, let’s cover the assumptions:

(1) Our human body is equivalent to that of a rat.

300 years ago all the sciences adopted the Cartesian model of thinking:

The universe and all organisms were thought to be machines made up of a multitude of separate objects. They could be understood by reducing them down to their basic parts and by looking for the mechanisms through which these parts interact.

Since that time every science except medical science has accepted a series of conceptual revolutions that clearly revealed the limitations of the mechanistic view.

The mechanistic, reductionist, biomedical model of health still assumes our body functions like a machine. Furthermore, all animals are machines, and human machine parts are no different from the parts of a pig machine, rat machine, or bear machine.

Is this assumption useful? No!

Remember the great flap about the new drug that stopped the flow of blood to cancer tumors in rodents? It was a total flop when tested on human cancer tumors.

Humans are not rodents!

(2) A single variable will prevent or promote a disease, and can be isolated from all other variables.

This comes from the initial success of penicillin, and has become the foundation of the scientific method. As a result we have been stuck with cultural belief in the Quick Technological Fix, where magic bullets like bear bile are conjured up to treat our ills.

Is this assumption useful? No!

Health is not based on single variables working by themselves. In humans, for example, dozens of minerals act interdependently to determine our health.

Furthermore, this stupid assumption has resulted in our medical researchers ignoring the origin of disease and how to prevent it, and focusing on providing new and better ways to treat it.

New and better treatments: For the vested interests, that’s where the money is! Which gets us to the fantastic opportunity in Bear Farming.

Not only will Bear Farming provide bear bile to treat stroke damage in humans, there is an excellent market for bear meat. In Montana I once tasted bear meat and it was exquisite. Of course, that was range bear, not cage bear.

Companies developing bear bile for commercial use can provide bears with a range diet by having clever medical researchers forage for bear food as a condition of their employment.

Tasty bear meat will require bear exercise. So bear farms will be designed somewhat like penitentiaries, but the entire rear of each cage will open up to a bear exercise yard where the researchers can chase the bears back and forth with electric cattle prods.

As bears will not willingly be led to the slaughterhouse like cattle, they will be darted, then humanely killed in their cages.

A forklift will enter through the cage rear and take the carcass to the butcher’s room for dismemberment, gallbladder removal and bile extraction.

The TV reality shows will provide a market for by-products such as bear eyes, ovaries, and testicles.

How will they get bear breeding stock? In the dead of winter, these whiz-bang medical researchers will scour caves in the Rocky Mountains, and kidnap hibernating bears and their cubs.

How are your bearing up under medical research idiocy like this, where every day medical “scientists” fool around with limited and approximate descriptions of reality which yield no insight as to where health comes from?

Dr. Weston A. Price investigated distant groups that were immune to stroke and did not get sick nor die like we do. He found that their diets were exceptionally dense, containing four times the minerals and ten times the fat-soluble vitamins found in the American diet of the late 1930’s and early 40’s.

Folks who learn where health comes from and practice prevention don’t have strokes, and will not need the medical community practicing upon them with bear bile, or any other magic bullet.