Build Health: Your Two Longevity Choices

Most folks believe health and longevity to either be a crapshoot, or dictated by their genetics. Not so!

My father has excellent genes. He’s going on 89. His paternal grandfather, Wallace, died at 93. Bessie, his mother, was almost 90 when she passed away. My father has already outlived his own father by five years.

Unfortunately, despite his excellent genes, his health is lousy. He has the wrong kind of longevity.

Prostate disease, requiring surgery, hit him well before he retired. Ten years later he developed prostate cancer that required more surgery. His post-surgical radiological treatment resulted in poor bowel function—and a love affair with stool softeners.

He’s also a victim of osteoporosis and arthritis. Once 5’ 10,” he’s now 5’ 5.” X-rays indicate his spinal vertebrae have fused in three separate areas. These fusions resulted from calcium migrating to the wrong locations. He also had a stroke that affected movement on his right side, consigning him to a walker.

He now has trouble getting sentences out, and was recently diagnosed with Parkinsons. Not only that, he has a new pacemaker. The experts told him the pacemaker would stop him from passing out when he was on the throne and exerted himself. They were wrong.

All these wonderful things happened to him in spite of his excellent genes and his always eating the “right foods.”

This type of longevity, featuring a low level of immunity to degenerative processes, frailty, extreme loss of mobility coupled with cognitive difficulty, is precisely the kind of longevity you don’t want.

You want an altogether different kind of longevity. The longevity you want allows you to be active and vigorous and live well into your 90’s, to stay out of the hospital and hardly ever see a doctor; and not be plagued by slow, agonizing, system-by-system breakdowns.

Well, if genes do not produce the right kind of longevity, what must you do to achieve it?

First, you better make sure you have an excellent ability to fully digest food and absorb its nutrients, different from most of today’s adults who have a diminished ability to digest food and suffer from the poor nutrient absorption that comes with it.

The only way you can do this is by learning to model our healthy ancestors who had immunity to degenerative processes and did not get sick and die like we do. What was their advantage?

Our healthy ancestors consumed water obtained from natural springs and wells rich in minerals. They did not consume distilled water, purified water, or water from municipal sources, all low in minerals.

They continually consumed natural foods with ample amounts of synergistic nutrients.

Because they consumed whole, natural, unaltered, non-processed food, our healthy ancestors received optimal amounts of minerals, entire vitamin complexes as opposed to synthetic isolates of vitamins B, C, A, and E, together with all the carotenoids and fatty acids.

Second, contrast their diets, free of chemicals [drugs] and synthetic substitutes, with today’s diet having 70 to 90 percent of the nutrients refined out of it, but at the same time loaded with chemicals and synthetics.

Our healthy ancestors had little exposure to toxins, from food and environment, that increase nutritional requirements from the physiologic stresses they, the toxins, place on the body.

You and I have a heavy exposure to a wide range of toxins that increase our nutritional requirements in order for us to successfully deal with all these poisons.

Clearly, the right kind of longevity maintains a clear mind in a capable body. If that is for you, start consuming the nutrient-dense food that made your healthy ancestors strong, and toss out all those convenience foods and beverages.